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Funeral program for educator, bandleader, and trumpeter Dr. Tolton C. Rosser (1932-2023), Birmingham, Alabama.

Newspaper advertisement for Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy, featuring Floyd Smith and Beverly White with the Jubilaires. Weekly Review, June 29, 1946.

Newspaper advertisement for Lionel Hampton at Birmingham's Masonic Temple,Weekly Review, January 3, 1941.

Newspaper advertisement for Lionel Hampton at Birmingham's Masonic Temple, Weekly Review, December 27, 1940.

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Program for Birmingham's John Tuggle Whatley Elementary School, named for the city's influential "Maker of Musicians," John T. "Fess" Whatley. Program includes a biography of Whatley and a photo of his early Vibra-Cathedral Orchestra. Please see also…

Newspaper advertisement for Count Basie at the Birmingham City Auditorium, Weekly Review, September 1940.J. Earle Hensley, one of the event's promoters, was a longtime entertainment promoter in Birmingham's Black community.

Funeral program for bandleader Erskine Ramsey Hawkins (1914-1993), Birmingham, Alabama.

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Jimmy Chappell Orchestra at the Pickwick Club, Birmingham, Alabama.

Courtesy Carol Clarke.
Frank Adams elaborates on his early experiences with Sun Ra. Adams joined Sonny Blount’s band as a teenager in the 1940s, before Blount left Birmingham for Chicago and became famous as Sun Ra. When this interview was recorded in 2012, Adams was the…
John T. “Fess” Whatley (1885 – 1972), Birmingham’s legendary “Maker of Musicians,” 1968. From 1917 into the 1950s, Whatley’s music program at Industrial / Parker High School produced numerous professional musicians, many of whom performed in the…
Best known for his work with the Erskine Hawkins Orchestra, tenor saxophonist Paul Bascomb (1912-1986) performed throughout his career with his own bands as well as with the C. S. Belton Orchestra, a popular southern territory band, and with the…
J. B. “Jay” Sims. As a student at Alabama State, Sims served as the original singer and emcee of the ‘Bama State Collegians, performing in the frenetic “wildman” style of Cab Calloway; after graduation, he returned to his hometown of Birmingham,…
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