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Grandpappy Lee Bonds 1.jpeg
1949 songbook for Grandpappy Lee Bonds, country music performer on Gadsden, Alabama, radio station WGWD.

Hal Burns Songbook 1.jpeg
1940 songbook for Birmingham, Alabama, radio personality Happy Hal Burns. Includes selections of Spirituals, Songs of Romance, Hymns, and Western Ballads, in addition to photos, "Inspirational Thoughts," and endorsements of Burns's sponsor, the…

Sid Gunter Alice Label.jpeg
One-of-a-king acetate disc recording by Sidney Louie "Hardrock" Gunter (1925-2013), Feburary 12, 1948, Birmingham, Alabama. A popular country entertainer on Birmingham radio and television, Hardrock Gunter cut his first commercial records for the…

Newspaper advertisement for Bob's Savoy Cafe (AKA Bob's Savoy, AKA The Little Savoy), "A New Deal In Dining Entertainment," featuring the Savoy Syncopators, Weekly Review, Birmingham, Alabama, March 16, 1946.

DLH : Roy Lee Brown Transcript.pdf
Interview with Roy Lee Brown (1921-2017), conducted over the phone by Darwin Lee Hill, March 16, 2002. A complete print transcript is also provided. The younger brother of western swing pioneers Milton and Derwood Brown, Roy Lee Brown remained a…

DLH : Smokey Stover Transcript.pdf
Interview with country music disc jockey, songwriter, singer, and guitarist Smokey Stover (1928-2005), conducted over the telephone by Darwin Lee Hill, January 12, 2002.

DLH : Doc Williams Transcript.pdf
Interview with Doc Williams (1914-2011), conducted over the phone by Darwin Lee Hill. A full print transcript is included, along with the audio.

DLH : Howard Vokes Transcript.pdf
Interview with Howard Vokes (1931-2018), recorded by Darwin Lee Hill at the home of Howard Vokes, New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Vokes and Hill are joined by Vokes’ old friend, the country artist Hank King.Interview concludes at 32:40 and is followed…

Erskine Hawkins Orchestra, Signed Photo.jpeg
The Erskine Hawkins Orchestra at the Savoy Ballroom, publicity photo, circa 1940, signed by members of the band.

Note the addendum, "DEAD," next to the signature of trumpeter Marcellus Green. Green's 1942 automobile death was widely mourned in…

Newspaper advertisement for the Grand Terrace Rainbow Room. "DANCE and FLOOR SHOW Every Sunday nite. Featuring MISS NELLIE JONES, the little girl with a voice like a nightingale."Weekly Review, July 11, 1942. Count Basie is pictured at the piano,…

Newspaper advertisement for Bullmoose Jackson and his Buffalo Bearcats at Birmingham's Masonic Temple,Birmingham News, November 14, 1948.

Newspaper advertisement for Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy, featuring Floyd Smith and Beverly White with the Jubilaires. Weekly Review, June 29, 1946.

Newspaper advertisement for Lionel Hampton at Birmingham's Masonic Temple,Weekly Review, January 3, 1941.

Newspaper advertisement for Lionel Hampton at Birmingham's Masonic Temple, Weekly Review, December 27, 1940.

Industrial High School Postcard Front.jpeg
Postcard for Birmingham, Alabama's Industrial High School, postmarked 1941. Under the direction of John T. "Fess" Whatley, Industrial (later renamed Parker) High School's instrumental music program produced numerous professional musicians who would…

Newspaper advertisement for the (Franklin) Roosevelt Ball, a benefit for the March of Dimes, with concurrent dances in Birmingham's Masonic Temple and Elks Rest and "Music By 10 Big Bands": Dan Michael's QuartetJohn L. Bell Fess Whatley The Driver…

Newspaper advertisement for the Marva Louis Popularity Contest and Dance, featuring Fess Whatley at Birmingham's Masonic Temple.Weekly Review, June 1, 1946.

Newspaper article regarding Count Basie's 1946 appearance at Birmingham's Masonic Temple.
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