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Newspaper advertisement for the Grand Terrace Rainbow Room. "DANCE and FLOOR SHOW Every Sunday nite. Featuring MISS NELLIE JONES, the little girl with a voice like a nightingale."Weekly Review, July 11, 1942. Count Basie is pictured at the piano,…

Newspaper advertisement for Bullmoose Jackson and hsi Buffalo Bearcats at Birmingham's Masonic Temple,Birmingham News, November 14, 1948.

Newspaper advertisement for Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy, featuring Floyd Smith and Beverly White with the Jubilaires. Weekly Review, June 29, 1946.

Newspaper advertisement for Lionel Hampton at Birmingham's Masonic Temple,Weekly Review, January 3, 1941.

Newspaper advertisement for Lionel Hampton at Birmingham's Masonic Temple, Weekly Review, December 27, 1940.

Johnson Family Poster (2).jpg
Poster advertisement for the Johnson Brothers String Band, circa 1950s.

Courtesy George Johnson.

As this and other advertisements indicate, bandleader Sonny Blount -- performing here with "His 10-pc. Colored Orchestra" at the posh white venue, Queenstown Lake -- had by 1945 become popular with both Black and white audiences in Birmingham. Early…

"Witches! Witches! Are You Afraid Of Them?"Newspaper advertisement for a Halloween night dance featuring Fess Whatley, organized by promoter Monroe Kenedy at Birmingham's Masonic Temple.Weekly Review, October 28, 1944.

Newspaper advertisement for a Masonic Temple dance to follow a 1944 football game between Atlanta's Clark College and Tuskegee Institute. Singer Dolly Brown performed with Fess Whatley and his Orchestra, in an event managed by promoter Monroe…

Newspaper advertisement for Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra, featuring singer Judy Carrol.Weekly Review, January 15, 1944.

Newspaper advertisement for pianist/bandleader John L. "Fats Waller" Bell and his All-Star Band at the Grand Terrace.Weekly Review, August 26, 1944.

Newspaper advertisement for drummer/bandleader Mevlin Caswell's Grand Terrace Swingsters, featuring Chick ("That Famous Female Impersonator") and the shake-dancing Madame Twannie (pictured). This and similar (or identical) ads for the Grand Terrace's…

Newspaper advertisement for Fess Whatley and His band at the Masonic Temple's Halloween Ball. "WITCHES! WITCHES! WITCHES!"Weekly Review, October 31, 1942.

The_Weekly_Review_Sat__Aug_8__1942_ copy.jpg
Newspaper advertisement for Jimmie Lunceford at the Birmingham City Auditorium.Weekly Review, August 8, 1942.

Five cartoon newspaper advertisements for the Rhythm Four on Birmingham radio station WSGN, 1939-1941.

The quartet, directed by Sonny Blount (the future Sun Ra), was popular with both Black and white local audiences, as contemporary newspaper…

COMPLETE FULL CAPTIONNewspaper advertisement for "B'ham's Favorite Quartet," the Rhythm Four on radio station WSGN,Birmingham News, October 17, 1940.The Rhythm Four, directed by Sonny Blount (the future Sun Ra), was popular among both Black and white…

Newspaper advertisement for the Rhythm Four, the popular Birmingham quartet led by Sonny Blount (the future Sun Ra).

Newspaper advertisement for singer June Richmond with Andy Kirk's Twelve Clouds of Joy at Birminghams Masonic Temple,Weekly Review, October 11, 1940.

Newspaper advertisement for Count Basie at the Birmingham City Auditorium, Weekly Review, September 1940.J. Earle Hensley, one of the event's promoters, was a longtime entertainment promoter in Birmingham's Black community.

Newspaper advertisement for Fats Waller at the City Auditorium,Birmingham News, February 4, 1938. As the ad notes, Waller would also appear "in an exclusive colored engagement" at Birmingham's Colored Masonic Temple on Valentines' Day, February 14.
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