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Program for Birmingham's John Tuggle Whatley Elementary School, named for the city's influential "Maker of Musicians," John T. "Fess" Whatley. Program includes a biography of Whatley and a photo of his early Vibra-Cathedral Orchestra. Please see also…

Newspaper advertisement for an Easter night dance featuring Fess Whatley's Vibra-Cathedral Orchestra.

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Mary Alice Clarke Stollenwerck, a member of Birmingham's musical Clarke family, played piano, organ, accordion, and vibraphone; directed music at Birmingham's prestigious Sixteenth Street Baptist Church; and performed for years in Fess Whatley's…

Mary Alice Clarke program 1.jpg
Funeral program for Mary Alice Clarke Stollenwerck: pianist, organist, accordionist, vibraphonist, choir director, and teacher; Birmingham, Alabama, 1911-1999.

Courtesy Carol Clarke.
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