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Program for Birmingham's John Tuggle Whatley Elementary School, named for the city's influential "Maker of Musicians," John T. "Fess" Whatley. Program includes a biography of Whatley and a photo of his early Vibra-Cathedral Orchestra. Please see also…

Whatley School 1.jpeg
Lyrics and music for the official school song of John T. Whatley Elementary School, Birmingham, Alabama. Opened c. 1960, Whatley Elementary was named for John T. "Fess" Whatley, Birmingham's celebrated "Maker of Musicians," longtime local bandleader…

Mary Mataw Clarke program 1.jpeg
Funeral program for Mary Mataw Clarke of Birmingham, Alabama. Clarke was a pianist; music teacher; organist and director of music at Birmingham's prestigious Sixteenth Street Baptist Church; and the matriarch of one of her city's most prominent…

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Mary Alice Clarke Stollenwerck, a member of Birmingham's musical Clarke family, played piano, organ, accordion, and vibraphone; directed music at Birmingham's prestigious Sixteenth Street Baptist Church; and performed for years in Fess Whatley's…

Mary Alice Clarke program 1.jpg
Funeral program for Mary Alice Clarke Stollenwerck: pianist, organist, accordionist, vibraphonist, choir director, and teacher; Birmingham, Alabama, 1911-1999.

Courtesy Carol Clarke.

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