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Rebe Gosdin Pray Pray Pray Label.jpg
One-of-a-kind acetate disc recording of Rebe Gosdin and the Sunny Valley Gang, "Pray, Pray, Pray." Recorded March 9, 1954, for radio station WBAM (Montgomery, Alabama). The reverse side of this disc contains a recording of "Release Me" by…

Shorty Sullivan Release Me Label.jpeg
One-of-a-kind acetate disc recording by Shorty Sullivan, March 8, 1954, for radio station WBAM (Montgomery, Alabama). Sullivan performs "Release Me," the country standard written in 1949 by Eddie Miller and Robert Yount.The reverse side of this disc…

Chris Hendrix 29.jpeg
Flyer for The Ducky Boys and GNP at The Loft, Birmingham, Alabama, undated. Courtesy Chris Hendrix.

This newspaper advertisement for the Championship Classic football game -- Tuskegee vs. Alabama State at Montgomery, Alabama's Cramton Bowl -- features Alabama State's three orchestras, the Bama State Collegians, Revelers, and Cavaliers. All three…

Newspaper advertisement for the Bama State Collegians at Harrogate Springs, Wetumpka, Alabama.Wetumpka Herald, May 26, 1932.

Newspaper item: "These college boys from Alabama State will play for the 'Alabama State Night' ... in Chicago.... They consititute one of three musical organizations fromt he State Teachers College being brought North by the Alabama State Alumni…

from Mike Seibert 2.jpeg
Flyer for Radio Delete and Ala Mantra at Head on the Door, Montgomery, Alabama. Undated.

From the collection of Mike Seibert.

from Mike Seibert.jpeg
Flyer for Radio Delete and GNP at Head on the Door, Montgomery, Alabama. Undated.

From the collection of Mike Seibert.

Uncle Bob Helton's Blue Ridge Boys.jpeg
Uncle Bob Helton and his Blue Ridge Boys at Montgomery radio station WMGY, circa 1940s. Left to right: Luke Sheahan, George Mayhew, Cuss Thorpe, "Uncle" Bob Helton, Duff Sherer, Todd Williams, and Kilroy Entreken. Helton’s band performed and…

Lyra 5 4.jpeg
Flyer for Nothing and Everything, Digby, and Waterproof Blonde, Montgomery Train Shed, Montgomery, Alabama.

Courtesy Lyra Stephens.

Lyra 3.jpeg
Flyer: "Rights Where Meant To Be Broken!" at Head on the Door, Montgomery, Alabama. Featuring Weak Music For Thomas, Saragashum, Hematovore, and Lone Gunman.

Courtesy Lyra Stephens.

Lyra 2.jpeg
Flyer for Paradox at Club Metro, Montgomery, Alabama, Halloween, 2002.

Courtesy Lyra Stephens.

Lyra 1.jpeg
Flyer for Abusements, Grasping at Pieces, Tom Cheshire Band, and Genki Genki Panic at the Sanctuary, Montgomery, Alabama.


Courtesy Lyra Stephens.

DLH : Braxton Schuffert Transcript.pdf
Interview with Braxton Schuffert (1916–2013), recorded by Darwin Lee Hill, September 1, 2001.Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Braxton Gordon Schuffert – best known as one of Hank Williams’s earliest friends, mentors, and bandmates – was an…
Interview with Lum York. Recorded by Burgin Mathews, July 14, 2003 at the home of Lum and Nita York in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Born in Elmore, Alabama, just north of Montgomery, William Herbert “Lum” York (1918-2004) worked off and on, from 1944 to…
Draper Prison Band at Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery. Press photo, September 1953. Newspaper caption: “Prison band whoops it up—It has become customary for the Draper Prison band to play in the Capitol rotunda the closing night of the legislative…
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