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Jimmy Colvin.jpeg
Photograph of Jimmy Colvin and his band, taken at a wedding reception at the Carraway-Davie House, Birmingham, Alabama, August 9, 1986. Included with the photo is a one-page biography of Colvin. Courtesy Chad Fisher.

Johnson Family Poster (2).jpg
Poster advertisement for the Johnson Brothers String Band, circa 1950s.

Courtesy George Johnson.

put your hands on your hips!.mp3
In this radio broadcast, circa 1988-1989, singer Laura Washington appears with the Jerry Grundy Trio at Grundy's Music Room in Birmingham, Alabama.From 1979 to 1992, Grundy's Music Room -- owned and operated by Jerry and Bernadine "Bernie"…

DLH Lum York Transcript.pdf
Interview with Lum York (1918-2004), recorded by Darwin Lee Hill, December 5, 2003.Born in Elmore, Alabama, just north of Montgomery, William Herbert “Lum” York worked off and on, from 1944 to 1949, as “bass fiddler” and comedian in Hank Williams’s…

Uncle Bob Helton's Blue Ridge Boys.jpeg
Uncle Bob Helton and his Blue Ridge Boys at Montgomery radio station WMGY, circa 1940s. Left to right: Luke Sheahan, George Mayhew, Cuss Thorpe, "Uncle" Bob Helton, Duff Sherer, Todd Williams, and Kilroy Entreken. Helton’s band performed and…

Unidentified musicians and others at Jack Guy's store.

Unidentified musicians and others at Jack Guy's store.

Harley Ward and bass made by T. N. Ward, January 1967.

Ora Isaacs Payne Watson with Harley Ward, January 1967. Bass made by T. N. Ward.
This photo captures a visit to the Johnson Family by Grand Ole Opry star Del Wood, who made a guest appearance on one of the Johnsons' weekly radio broadcasts in the early 1950s. Wood scored a major hit on the Billboard pop and country charts in 1951…
The Johnson Family Band. Standing, left to right: Leon Johnson, H. Johnson, Bert Stewart, Ras Johnson, Aldous Johnson. Seated left to right: Imogene Pledger, Elma Johnson, Ella Johnson.

Photo courtesy George Johnson.
Bassist Cleveland "Cleve" Eaton in Chicago, 1974.

Born in Fairfield, Alabama, Cleve Eaton (1934-2020) moved to Chicago in 1960, becoming an active figure in the city's jazz scene. In 1964 he joined the Ramsey Lewis Trio, performing for ten years…
Interview with Lum York. Recorded by Burgin Mathews, July 14, 2003 at the home of Lum and Nita York in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Born in Elmore, Alabama, just north of Montgomery, William Herbert “Lum” York (1918-2004) worked off and on, from 1944 to…
A band of unidentified musicians poses with members of a large outdoor gathering. Date unknown.

Photo courtesy Patrick Cather.
Willie King and Friends live at Gip’s Place, Bessemer, Alabama, December 20, 2008. Featuring: Lenny Madden, Kendra Sutton, Jock Webb, Elnora Spencer, Henry “Gip” Gibson, and others. Recording courtesy Roger Stephenson. “I’m gonna let y’all jook on…
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