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Claudia Howe, "Whimmydiddle, Other Folk Toys Bring Income To Avery Families,"Charlotte Observer, February 24, 1971.

Dale Neal, "Hicks family proves a hardy, humorous lot,"Asheville Citizen Times, May 5, 1996.

"Beech Mountain To Hold Annual Storytelling Festival,"Asheville Times, June 22, 1990.

The_Charlotte_Observer_Sun__Feb_12__1989_ copy.jpg
Jeri Fischer, "A Mountain Man And His Magic Tales,"Charlotte Observer, February 12, 1989.

J. A. C. Dunn, "Jack Guy: Mountain Santa Claus,"Winston-Salem Journal, June 16, 1974.

Don Causey, "Toying Around In the Mountains" and "A 'Gee-Haw' What?--A Folk Toy Glossary,"Raleigh News and Observer, October 22, 1972.

Paul Phillips, "Folk Toys Continue To Intrigue Young, Old Alike In Mountains,"Durham Sun, June 2, 1970.Paul Phillips, "Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle,"Durham Morning Herald Sun, July 19, 1970.

Lee Elliott, "This Guy Is King of Folk Toys," Winston-Salem Journal, May 2, 1969.

John Parris, "Jack Guy: King Of The Folk Toy Makers,"Asheville Citizen-Times, June 23, 1967.

Ruby K. Marsh, "Yesteryear Village Demonstrates Handicrafts,"Greensboro Record, October 25, 1961.

Beverly Wolter, "Craftsmen's Fair Bigger and Better,"Winston-Salem Journal, July 16, 1963.

Performance by the Beaver Dam Trio: Lonnie Ward, Russell Ward, Earl May, and Clay Moody.

Arlie Watson sings and plays the guitar.

Arlie Watson sings and plays guitar; additional vocalists unidentified.

Arlie Watson sings and plays the banjo.

Arlie Watson sings and plays the banjo.

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