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Dale Neal, "Hicks family proves a hardy, humorous lot,"Asheville Citizen Times, May 5, 1996.

"Beech Mountain To Hold Annual Storytelling Festival,"Asheville Times, June 22, 1990.

The_Charlotte_Observer_Sun__Feb_12__1989_ copy.jpg
Jeri Fischer, "A Mountain Man And His Magic Tales,"Charlotte Observer, February 12, 1989.

"Old ways endure along Blue Ridge Parkway,"Raleigh News and Observer, August 11, 1985.

Brent Childers, "Mountain Tales Spellbind Burke,"Hickory Daily Record, February 26, 1985.

The_News_and_Observer_Sun__Oct_16__1983_ copy.jpg
Beverly Mills, "Making good banjos and telling tall tales: Slow 'n' easy does it," Raleigh News and Observer, October 16, 1983.
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