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Hank Daniel, "He Puts Wood Into Almost Any Shape: Presnell's Real Love Is A Three-Stringed Instrument,"Charlotte Observer, September 18, 1965.

Buna Hicks entertains on guitar and duclimer, September 1966.

Buna Hicks, fiddle, and Tab Ward, Banjo, September 1966.

Tab Ward playing banjo at his home, September 1966.

Hattie Presnell and Tab Ward at Tab's home, Beech Mountain, September 1966.
A teenaged George Corley Wallace III (commonly known as George Wallace, Jr.) shakes a tambourine onstage at a political event, April 6, 1966.

George Wallace, Jr., would go on to pursue careers in both politics and country music.

George Wallace Leads Square Dance.jpeg
Governor George Wallace and his wife, gubernatorial candidate Lurleen Wallace, lead square dancers, April 11, 1966.

Because Alabama law barred consecutive terms by a single governor, in 1966 Lurleen Wallace ran for the office, transparently…
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