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Flyer for Property, Shitboy from Outerspace, The Jawas, and Thee Autobots at the Jaycee's Fairgrounds, Huntsville, Alabama, October 14, 1995. "Greg's B'day." Flyer by Greg Harvester.

Courtesy Greg Harvester.

Flyer for Fun Girls from Mt. Pilot and The Slackers, with Heavily Banging Cannon at the Auction Block, Huntsville, Alabama, February 10, 1995. Flyer by Matt Seward.

Courtesy Greg Harvester.

Flyer for The Slakcers and The Jawas at the Tip Top Cafe, Huntsville, Alabama, 1995. Flyer by Joey Tacon.

Courtesy Greg Harvester.

Flyer for The Hentchmen and The Quadrajets: two shows, American Beat Records (6 PM) and The Nick (11 PM), Birmingham, Alabama, May 10, 1995. Flyer by Jason LaGory.

Courtesy Greg Harvester.

Flyer for The Peeps, The Jawas, Anguish, and Dumbshitz, Birmingham, Alabama, January 28, 1995.

"Help support the anti-sexist racist monopolist society / No credit cards please but can barter to get in!"

Flyer by Andy Glasgow.

Courtesy Greg…

Flyer for The Jawas, The Peeps, and The Dumbshitz, Birmingham, Alabama, 1995.

Courtesy Greg Harvester.
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