In Memoriam


In Memoriam


A collection of funeral programs and other print tributes, presented in remembrance of beloved musicians.

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Mary Mataw Clarke ( 18--? -1968)
Funeral program for Mary Mataw Clarke of Birmingham, Alabama. Clarke was a pianist; music teacher; organist and director of music at Birmingham's prestigious Sixteenth Street Baptist Church; and the matriarch of one of her city's most prominent…

Otha Turner (1907-2003) and Bernice Turner Pratcher (1954-2003)
Funeral program for fife player Otha Turner (1908-2003) and drummer Bernice Turner Pratcher (1954-2003), Como, Mississippi. Both father and daughter, bearers of the family's distinctive fife and drum tradition, died on February 27, 2003.


Earnest Mostella (1908-2003)
Funeral program for fiddler and instrument maker John Earnest Mostella (1908-2003), Ashville, Alabama.

Program provided by Frank Philips.

Mary Alice Clarke Stollenwerck (1911-1999)
Funeral program for Mary Alice Clarke Stollenwerck: pianist, organist, accordionist, vibraphonist, choir director, and teacher; Birmingham, Alabama, 1911-1999.

Courtesy Carol Clarke.

J. L. Lowe (1913-1998)
Funeral program for James Leroy (J. L.) Lowe: musician, educator, and champion of the Birmingham jazz tradition (1913-1998), Birmingham, Alabama.

Sun Ra (1914-1993)
Homegoing Program for Sun Ra: bandleader, composer, poet-philosopher (1914-1993), Birmingham, Alabama.

Erskine Hawkins (1914-1993)
Funeral program for bandleader Erskine Ramsey Hawkins (1914-1993), Birmingham, Alabama.

Charles "Chuck" Clarke (1920-1990)
Funeral program for jazz musician Charles "Chuck" Clarke (1920-1990), Birmingham, Alabama.

Program provided by Carol Clarke.

Jessie Mae Hemphill (1923-2006)
Funeral program for Jessie Mae Hemphill (1923-2006): blues and gospel singer, songwriter, drummer, and guitarist, and a bearer of north Mississippi's fife and drum tradition, Senatobia, Mississippi.

Program provided by Adam Lore.

James "Son" Thomas (1926-1993)
Funeral program for blues musician and visual artist James "Son" Thomas (1926-1993), Leland, Mississippi.

Program provided by Frank Philips.

Dr. Frank E. Adams, Sr. (1928-2014)
Funeral program for jazz musician and educator Frank E. Adams, Sr. ("Doc," 1928-2014), Birmingham, Alabama.

Jerry "Boogie" McCain (1930-2012)
Funeral program for blues musician Jerry "Boogie" McCain (1930-2012), Gadsden, Alabama.

Program provided by Frank Phillips.

Henry Lee "Gip" Gipson (1931-2019)
Funeral program for Henry Lee "Gip" Gipson, Sr.: blues musician and proprietor of Gip's Place, the Bessemer, Alabama, juke joint (1931-2019).

Cleveland "Cleve" Eaton (1939-2020)
Funeral program for jazz bassist Cleveland"Cleve" Josephus Eaton (1939-2020), Birmingham, Alabama.

Sam Frazier, Jr. (1943-2021)
Funeral program for blues and country singer, songwriter, and harmonica player Sam Frazier, Jr. (1943-2021), Edgewater, Alabama.

Arthur Doyle (1944-2014)
Funeral program for jazz saxophonist Arthur Roy Doyle (1944-2014), Birmingham, Alabama.

Rickey Powell (1948-2022)
Funeral program for vocalist Sylvester Rickey Powell (1948-2022), Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr. Tolton Rosser (1932-2023)
Funeral program for educator, bandleader, and trumpeter Dr. Tolton C. Rosser (1932-2023), Birmingham, Alabama.

Sara Carter Bayes (1898-1979) Memorial Issue, Sunny Side Sentinel
This April 1979 memorial issue from The Sunny Side Sentinel, official publication of the Carter Family Fan Club, remembers Sara Carter Bayes (1898-1979), a founding member of the pioneering country music trio. Included in the issue are photos and…

Amos Gordon (1914-1992): "Remembering 'Flash'"
Program for "Remembering 'Flash'": a jazz musical tribute honoring master musician and educator Amos Franklin "Flash" Gordon, Carver Theater, Birmingham, Alabama, 1996.The multi-page program includes biographical details, personal tributes, photos,…
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