Gip's Place: Live Recordings


Gip's Place: Live Recordings


Live recordings from the legendary juke joint in Bessemer, Alabama, at the home of Mr. Henry "Gip" Gipson.

Recordings by Ray Whirlwind, courtesy Roger Stephenson.

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Blues Divas & Kent Burnside at Gip's, 11/8/08.The night of November 8, 2008, Gip's Place featured a line-up of "Divas," including Elnora Spencer, Molly Garrigan, DieDra Ruff, Caroline Shines, Kendra Sutton, and Liz Brown; a performance by Kent…

Bobby Rush at Gip's, 12/19/2009
Bobby Rush live at Gip's Place, December 19, 2009.Recording courtesy Roger Stephenson.

Clarence "Bluesman" Davis and SharBaby Newport, CD Release Party at Gip's, 6/3/2009 (Featuring Luther Cottingham and Birmingham George Conner)
CD release party for the 2009 album Just Jukin' by SharBaby Newport and Clarence "Bluesman" Davis. Live at Gip's Place, Bessemer, Alabama, June 3, 2009.“I hope you got your cameras and whatever else to record this event. Tell your chilluns about it.”…

Gip's Birthday, 1/13/2007 (Featuring Willie King)
Willie King headlines Henry "Gip" Gipson's birthday party, 2007. Additional performers include Lenny Madden, Curtis Files, Gip Gipson, Jock Webb, Johnny Baldwin, and more.Recorded by Ray Whirlwind, courtesy Roger Stephenson.Track 1: Lenny Madden,…

Juke Joint Duo (Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcom) live at Gip's Place, Bessemer, Alabama, October 2010. Henry "Gip" Gipson performs at approximately 26:00. Recorded by Ray Whirlwind. Courtesy Roger Stephenson.

Roscoe Robinson at Gip's, 6/9/2009 (Featuring  Mikey Junior)
Roscoe Robinson and Mikey Junior live at Gip's Place, Bessemer, Alabama, June 9, 2009. Recording courtesy Roger Stephenson. Track 1: Roscoe RobinsonIntro / Ooh Baby That’s Enough I Who Have Nothing So Called Friends We Got a Good Thing Going A…

Sam Lay at Gip's, 5/25/2008
Sam Lay live at Gip’s Place, Bessemer, Alabama, May 25, 2008. Recording courtesy Roger Stephenson. Boogie Chillun Short Haired Woman I Can’t Be Satisfied Trouble No More I Got to Shoot Her Why You Want to Do Me Like That Sittin’ on Top of the World…

Satan and Adam, live at Gip's Place, Bessemer, Alabama, 2008. Featuring Little Joe Wells, Lenny Madden, and others. Recording courtesy Roger Stephenson. Listen to all tracks on this playlist (approximately 2 hours, 40 minutes total), or choose an…

Willie King at Gip's, 12/20/2008 (Featuring Elnora Spencer and Kendra Sutton)
Willie King and Friends live at Gip’s Place, Bessemer, Alabama, December 20, 2008. Featuring: Lenny Madden, Kendra Sutton, Jock Webb, Elnora Spencer, Henry “Gip” Gibson, and others. Recording courtesy Roger Stephenson. “I’m gonna let y’all jook on…

Henry "Gip" Gipson
Henry "Gip" Gipson (1931-2019), longtime proprietor of Gip's Place.

Photo by Will Stewart, courtesy Will Stewart.
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