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Recently Added Items

Ad: Grand Terrace, Pratt City, Alabama (1942)


Newspaper advertisement for the Grand Terrace Rainbow Room. "DANCE and FLOOR SHOW Every Sunday nite. Featuring MISS NELLIE JONES, the little girl with…

Ad: Bullmoose Jackson at the Masonic Temple (1948)


Newspaper advertisement for Bullmoose Jackson and hsi Buffalo Bearcats at Birmingham's Masonic Temple,Birmingham News, November 14, 1948.

Ad: Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy (1946)


Newspaper advertisement for Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy, featuring Floyd Smith and Beverly White with the Jubilaires. Weekly Review, June 29,…

Ad: Lionel Hampton at the Masonic Temple (1941)


Newspaper advertisement for Lionel Hampton at Birmingham's Masonic Temple,Weekly Review, January 3, 1941.

Ad: Lionel Hampton at the Masonic Temple (1940)


Newspaper advertisement for Lionel Hampton at Birmingham's Masonic Temple, Weekly Review, December 27, 1940.

Avery Parrish

Avery Parrish 2.jpg

Pianist / composer / arranger Avery Parrish (1917-1959), creator of the jazz and blues piano standard "After Hours," first recorded with the Erskine…

Sammy Lowe (2)

Sammy Lowe 2.jpeg

Sammy Lowe (1918-1993), trumpeter and arranger, Erskine Hawkins Orchestra.

Industrial High School Postcard

Industrial High School Postcard Front.jpeg

Postcard for Birmingham, Alabama's Industrial High School, postmarked 1941. Under the direction of John T. "Fess" Whatley, Industrial (later renamed…

Johnson Family Full Radio Broadcast

put your hands on your hips!.mp3

Radio broadcast by the Johnson Family, 1950s. Transferred from a cassette recording of the original broadcast. Courtesy George Johnson.

Poster: Johnson Brothers String Band

Johnson Family Poster (2).jpg

Poster advertisement for the Johnson Brothers String Band, circa 1950s.

Courtesy George Johnson.