2 Photos: Dan & Clara Brennan

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2 Photos: Dan & Clara Brennan


Two photographs of radio personality Dan Brennan and his wife Clara, Birmingham, Alabama. The first shows the young couple at radio station WVOK. In the second, the couple embraces; lipstick kisses adorn the back of the photo.

Dan and Clara Brennan were married for seventy years, from 1950 until Dan's death in 2020; according to his obituary, "'Dan the Music Man,' age 90, died peacefully of natural causes in [Clara's] arms." 

Born in Brickyard, Alabama, Dan Brennan — along with his older brothers Bill and Cyril — belonged to a powerful family of radio broadcasters; in addition to Birmingham's WVOK, the Brennans owned popular stations in Montgomery, Alabama; Jacksonville, Florida; and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The youngest Brennan brother began at WVOK as an announcer in 1947 and emerged as a popular on-air personality across the family's stations. As host of WVOK's Dixie Jamboree, he presided over a live stage show of local country performers through the 1950s. By the close of that decade he had launched the long-running, celebrity-packed Shower of Stars concert series, bringing to Birmingham and other southern cities a long list of major rock and roll, country, and pop artists.

Photos courtesy John Horton, who obtained the originals from the estate of Dan Brennan.

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