WVOK Dixie Jamboree Cast Photo (2)

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WVOK Dixie Jamboree Cast Photo (2)


Cast photograph of "The Dixie Jamboree," WVOK, Birmingham, Alabama. Begun in the late 1940s and continuing into the 1960s, WVOK's "Dixie Jamboree" featured live music broadcast from Birmingham's National Guard Armory. Hosted by radio personality Dan Brennan, the Saturday night jamboree featured a large cast of local country music talent and was followed by a square dance.

Photo courtesy John Horton, who obtained the original from the estate of Dan Brennan. Horton identifies the cast members as follows:

Top Row: Patsy Preston (first from left), Alvin Bivens* (second from left), Wallace O’Dell (eighth from left), Johnny Poer (center), Dan Brennan (fifth from right), Chubby Hubbard* (third from right), Don Wages* (second from right), Jimmy Hardin / James Harding* (first from right).

Bottom Row: Bud Brewster (first from right), Willie G. Brewster (second from right), Ray R. Myers (third from left), Harry Blevins (fifth from right), Banny Martin* (third from right), either Allen Maury* or Floyd Lowery* (second from left)

* IDs marked with an asterisk are tentative. The Southern Music Research Center welcomes confirmations, corrections, and additions at contact@southernmusicresearch.org.

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