Uncle Bob Helton's Blue Ridge Boys

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Uncle Bob Helton's Blue Ridge Boys


Uncle Bob Helton and his Blue Ridge Boys at Montgomery radio station WMGY, circa 1940s. Left to right: Luke Sheahan, George Mayhew, Cuss Thorpe, "Uncle" Bob Helton, Duff Sherer, Todd Williams, and Kilroy Entreken.

Helton’s band performed and broadcast across central and south Alabama throughout the 1940s. Sheahan played drums, tap-danced, and—advertisements noted—did “what comes naturally”; Entreken, seen here on the upright bass, also played “trick” fiddle. According to a 1948 article in the Evergreen Courant, the band is “billed as Alabama’s leading radio and stage artists, who give the biggest, fastest, cleanest and best show east of the Mississippi.”

The Blue Ridge Boys performed into the 1950s; Helton continued to work as a radio announcer until his retirement in 1984.


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