Southern artists detail hip hop's influence on their lives and music. An original short film series, produced by DuJour in collaboration with Algabraic Media and the Southern Music Research Center.

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Jim Fahy discusses his musical roots and favorite hip hop albums, along with the role of hip hop in everyday life. Birmingham, Alabama, July 2023.

Eric Wallace discusses his musical origins, teaching hip hop, and hip hop programs at Birmingham's Firehouse Community Arts Center. Birmingham, Alabama, July 2023.

DJ Rahdu talks hip hop as youth culture, party records, J Dilla, and family. Birmingham, Alabama, July 2023.

Rebekah Fox talks about community, culture, and business in Woodlawn, Alabama; building a better Birmingham; coming of age with the music of the '90s; hip hop; and collaboration. Birmingham, Alabama, June 2023.

A word from DuJour, creator of the CONVOS series. Birmingham, Alabama, May 2023.

Patrick Johnson discusses the Birmingham musical legacy, family, and the changing hip hop landscape. Birmingham, Alabama, April 2023.

Suaze discusses his new EP, hip hop life, family, and haricuts. Birmingham, Alabama, March 2023.

A new short film series of hip hop conversations. Created by DuJour, in association with Algabraic Media and the Southern Music Research Center.

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